How can you help Elifsu?…?

Follow up treatment in America: Immunotherapy

Elifsu in now undergoing the prescribed treatment according to European standards for the High Risk stage 4 cancers. Only when you have had this treatment you are eligible for the anti-body treatment specifically for the NMYC gene. This American treatment utilizes an antibody that recognizes the neuroblastomacells and ‘flags’ it so that the body’s own immune system now recognizes it and starts attacking it itself.philedephia childrens hospital

There have been previous studies with the same antibodies, but they have not shown very good results. Only when they started combining two different types of antibodies did they start seeing good results. A break through idea as now they saw a 20% increase in patients recovering.

The results have been published in 2011. It was so successful that the international community of specialists has said that all neuroblastoma patients with the NMYC gene or in cases where the cancer has spread should be treated with this procedure as a standard. The insurance companies in The Netherlands generally cover the cost of this treatment. The application for Elifsu is currently under review. The thing is they will only cover the cost for the treatment of Elifsu, not for the stay of the family for support. As you can understand, the family not joining her for support is not an option.

moeder en dochterAs a family we aim to be there for the full period of treatment, which can take up to 7 months, six if there are no complications. This is why we need the kindness and help of others. For us to be there for her we need money, and quite a lot of it. With your support and creativity with raising funds to a grand total of 100,000 Euro’s we can make that very important trip and be there for Elifsu. If we raise more money than we need the extra funds will go the another patient with the same diagnose or to a charity such as Villa Joep or Kika. In this way we ensure the money will be spent on what it was originally donated for.

On behalf of Elifsu and perhaps others: Thank you in advance!



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